Raisin meditation for mindfulness


Mental exercise using Raisin Meditation

It’s an exercise that will need you focus minds to the current environment. To achieve this, you have to use all your five senses of your body. Pay full attention to the raisin that will bring minds into present times, enabling minds to acknowledge the here and now.

For many years, raisin is a favourite food known to boost diet. Its value has increased because you can now use it to boost your brain health. Yes, the process is simple, but not for a community with frequent stimulations, as moments may be tough for you.

Meditation process using raisin

Use the foods you are comfortable with if you don’t love raisin. Being new to this mental exercise will mean you start with guides to help you know how to have a mindful breath and master body scan. The following factors will enable you to practice the mental exercise process using raisin.

Look for a quiet place

Your first step is to look for a place you will sit and relax. Have deep breaths that will make your body loose and bring minds to the practice. When you feel comfortable, hold raising in your hands.

Analyse the raisin

Look at the fruit keenly as you pick all details that you can see. They include all the physical characteristics that you can see with your eyes. Colour, ridges, and shade are some of the characteristics you have to focus on. Close eyes when you finish analysing the fruit. You will have enhanced all other senses to help in focusing.

Hold the fruit

Pick up the fruit in your hand and feel the touch. Use your fingers to feel its texture. You should be in a position to tell if the skin is waxy, soft, hard, or has edges.

Smell the scent

Bring the raisin near the nose, and you breathe in and out deeply. You have to be more attentive for you to recognize any smell from the fruit. How is the smell to you? Listen to your tastebuds to find out if they are triggered in any way. Your tummy also needs attention to see if it will grumble.

Eat the fruit

You can now eat your fruit. See how a hand knows exactly where to take the fruit. It will help if you don’t chew it when it gets to your mouth. Have it in your mouth for some time to have a feeling of your tongue on it. Roll it in the mouth to feel the fruit texture. It will happen on the upper side of the mouth. Now you have to bite the fruit once or twice but don’t swallow it. Note the sensations released in your mouth as a result of your bites.

While the fruit is in your mouth, note the taste, the change in the raising, and if you notice a change in the feeling of the small pieces of raisin.

Perceive sounds produced

While you chew and swallow the fruit, listen to the sounds produced. Check if you have fully utilized the impact of the fruit being in the mouth. Learn why you needed to swallow the fruits, then align it with the real action of swallowing the fruit. You have to listen to the fruit as it goes down to your stomach and realize your entire body’s reaction to the process.

Now you have to bring back your mind to normalcy. You should open eyes slowly and breathe deeply for a while. You have now completed your meditation process. You have to do it repeatedly to make it perfect and more helpful to you.