About us

Today in England, 1 in 4 experience a mental health problem every year. If you’re one of those people and are currently struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and panic disorders, we’re here to help you out.

Dealing with mental health issues can be incredibly challenging, but you can cope and prosper with your struggles with the expertise and resources from our expert team at National Mental Health (NMH).

At NMH, we fully understand that managing mental health issues doesn’t just involve the medical approach; it requires a 360-degree approach that addresses all aspects of your life.

That is exactly why we aim to promote good mental health and create awareness through education and training. You’ll also gain extensive knowledge of mental health conditions through our carefully-tailored adult and youth courses.

Our Approach

Here’s what we can help you out with:

Fitness: Physical activity is proven to boost your wellbeing and enhance your energy, mental alertness, and overall positive mood. We can help you create a personalized fitness regimen suited to your routine and goals.

Food and Nutrition: What we eat massively affects our mental health, and eating a well-balanced diet full of nutrients and vegetables can improve your wellbeing. We can provide you with scrumptious recipes suited to your lifestyle and designed to make you feel better.

Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness with guided imagery, breathing methods, and other practices help you relax your mind and body and boost your mental health. We can help you practice these methods and train you accordingly to lead to a healthier you.

Training: Mental health awareness is critical, and you can encourage this in your workplace with our training programs. In these programs, our experienced staff advocates for mental health at your workplace and, hence, instill skills and confidence within anyone struggling with these issues. With various one-day, two-day, or even half-day courses, our programs will be flexible to your needs.

How You Can Support Us

You can also help us further our cause and contribute funds to raise awareness and expand our training. We rely on your generosity and are grateful for the scholarships, donations, and grants that help provide helpful resources for people struggling with their mental health.

If you’d like to contribute to our cause, you can glance at our volunteer section highlighting available opportunities. We’re always on the lookout for advocates like you who can help us expand our reach, raise funds, and assist us with daily tasks.